ML Service List


The beauty of hair is that it comes in a variety of texture, density & length! & Guess what? I'm capable of styling any you bring my way. Blowouts, Dry-styles, Up-dos, Braids - I got you. Together, we can make magic. Let’s get busy!


Blowout & Finish - $55+

Blowout + Bang Trim/Face Frame - add $10 to service

Blowout + Healthy Cut - add $30 to blowout service


DRY-STYLING (please come pre-washed & dried, ill do the rest)

Iron Work - $50

Iron Work w/ extensions - $65


UP-DOS (please come pre-washed & dried)

Special Event - $65 pin-up, braid-up, up & away from your face

Bridal - $100 minimum, let's consulate :) 


BRAIDING (please come pre-washed & dried, hair not supplied)

Feed-in Braids - Less than 10 braids, $75; More than 10 braids, $100+

Festival Braids - $45

Crown Area Braids - $40


I'm going to go out on a limb & make a blanket statement - YOU NEED TO CUT IT.  A routinely trimmed mane is the foundation of full, healthy, vibrant hair - it is as simple as that. You want your hair to not only grow but to grow with intention. The longer you neglect the cut, the longer your hair will split up its shaft & you'll never see true length. Outside of the health benefit, a haircut can change your whole persona! As a short hair queen, I champion the notion of bold hair decisions. Blunt, angled, pixied, layered, etc. - removing hair will add to your power. Whatever the reason, don't worry - ya girl is not scissor happy :). 

Face-Framing/Bang Trim - $15

Healthy Trim - $30

Full Cut + Style $70+

*Blowout service can be added to haircut for above listed pricing*


NEWS FLASH! You can literally have whatever length of hair that you want. There is an extension method to suite the finest to the coarsest of hair textures - let's explore those options, shall we? 

CLIP-INS (wig clips sewn onto weft)

$80 to build only, $100 to install & style, $180 to build, install & style  

*hair not supplied, consultation not required but suggested*


SEW-IN (braided base w/ wefts sewn in)

Full Installation, Cut, & Style - $150 base

+$25 wash/dry addition

+50 previous work taken down, wash/dry


BEADED WEFTS (your "braid-less sew-in") 

Priced per bead use - $40 per row (5 beads)


I-TIPS (individual strands of hair attached throughout head, 100-150 strands=full head; able to attached sans heats or fused with heating tool)

Consultation required- service priced & agreements signed at that time


TAPE-INS (sections of hair sandwiched between extensions with adhesive component)

Consultation required- service priced & agreements signed at that time

Henna Art 

I have a very simple life motto: Good Vibes Only with Zero Tolerance for negative energy. Henna art allows me to cultivate & spread positive energy through its endless design. You too can partake! Whether traditional henna paste or bold jagua gel ink, the best part is that we can design be any part of your body. Whatever the occasion - have your very own semi-permanent accessory & unique conversation starter. With designs typically lasting 1-2 weeks, you can get a beautiful design, rock it until it fades, then do it all over again! 

P.S. If you would like to offer henna at your special event, contact me directly (E: with your event purpose, guest estimate & time requirement. 

Hand - $20 base one hand/$35 both, increased according to desired design

Hand + Wrist Area - $30 base one hand/$50 both, increased according to desired design

Other Body Parts - $ Priced at consultation