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Manely Love by Sarah D. (MLxSD) is a service and ultimately a salon experience focused on Beauty, Efficiency, Quality & Good Energy for each client I stand behind. Currently an independent, freelance service, MLxSD is a space where clients can have their hair-styling, cutting, extensions, and henna art needs fulfilled. I often find that while us ladies love the experience and results of salon visits, the inevitable wait and time consumption is one heck of a drag! MLxSD looks to alleviate this issue by keeping the client’s time in mind at all times while still offering a salon experience complete with quality work and good energy. A queen is at your service and hair styling is my Passion. When asked what my motivation is to follow this dream, my response is that…it's ‘Manely’ Love.

Peace to you!

-Sarah D. 

Ps. I am working to make this space, a lovely home. In the meantime, my work can be viewed through my Instagram page: @mlxsarahdmari. :) 


local GOod Vibes Dealer 

Get to know Sarah D.

Yo, I'm Sarah D.  Thank you so much for visiting my space. I've been a hairstylist since age 8 (ask my twin sister, Simone, who's had a personal hair stylist since '99). However, my professional career began mid-2017 after a culmination of raw experience with a formal education from Paul Mitchell the School - Chicago. 

You know how the saying goes: Find something that you love to do & you will never work a day in your life. I found it.

I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois & the love I have for my city grows more & more each day.  In addition to a professional license, I also hold a business degree from DePaul University's Driehaus School of Business. My focus was Entrepreneurship. I felt it important to round my passion for hair with a solid understanding of business with an entrepreneurial target. Go Blue Demons! 

Currently, Manely Love by Sarah D. (MLxSD) seeks to be an independent freelance service you can request for your hair styling (all textures), cutting, extensions (5 methods), & henna art needs.  I've always wanted to create a space where women of all backgrounds are welcomed & feel both comfortable and loved! Good Vibes Only with zero tolerance for negative energy, a space for lovers. With beauty, efficiency, quality and good energy at the forefront of my practices, every effort is made to not consume my client's time. but add love and value to the time we'll spend together.

Freelance, intimate one on one client appointments, events, major fashion shows, movie sets, photo shoots of the greats and a salon too! These are my goals. This is my dream.







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